Cocks N Bots

5 Floor

Cocks N Bots cultivates a refined atmosphere for the discerning drinkers. Our curated selection of rare wines, sourced from esteemed small vineyards, promises a journey through unique varietals, while the spirit selection boasts a global homage to premium liquors, ensuring every palate finds its perfect match.

The cocktail menu offers a good balance of timeless classics and our own creations. We proudly feature classic cocktails, meticulously prepared to meet the highest standards. Beyond the well-trodden classics, we delve into the world’s lesser-known gems, offering a delightful discovery for aficionados of the classics.

Signature Cocktails: Each meticulously crafted cocktail embodies a symphony of flavors, achieved through innovative techniques and an unwavering commitment to quality. The result is a comprehensive menu that caters to every whim, ensuring a truly exceptional drinking experience for all.